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when callingkultur
your mobile culture guide for the Rhein-Kreis Neuss [Rhine District of Neuss]
Experience the versatile cultural program in the Rhein-Kreis Neuss and call the number with a cultural location of your choice:
02131 - 60 83 - •••
(plus 3-digit end number)
This service by the Rhein-Kreis Neuss is free of charge; if applicable, you will just pay your individual mobile phone rates to German landlines. Any questions?
Please call us:
Press and Public Relations
Harald Vieten
Phone: 02131 - 928-1300
or visit us on the Internet:


Service and use
The Kultohr team endeavors to make listening pleasure as easy as possible for the user. All indicated numbers take you immediately to the contents. It is also possible to get with mobile controls faster to the desired language files. Your mobile control forms a cross, with its center being the digit 5. A double click assigns a movement. Twice clicking the keys (double click):
2 = (top) One level up
4 = (reverse) One language file back
(e.g. guided tour of the town in the other direction)
6 = (forward) One language file forward
(e.g. next file in a guided tour of the town)

For example, use the last number redial function after the selection of the first station in a guided tour of the town. Go one station further; either press twice ""6""; (forward) or twice ""4"" (reverse). Switch your mobile to the loudspeaker function as often as possible if this is not a nuisance for others. We want to make you curious about culture. And please do ask people on location. We found that most people responsible for culture do not ""bite"".
Please get GPS data of cultural locations under:

When using your mobile, please always comply with traffic regulations within the scope of Road Traffic Regulations [Strassenverkehrsordnung). Drivers of vehicles are prohibited from using mobile phones without a hands-free kit. The Federal Office for Radiation Protection [Bundesamt fuer Strahlenschutz (BfS)] advises to expose oneself as little as possible to electromagnetic radiation; this applies especially for children. When using your mobile for phone calls, you should use a headset or loudspeaker.

We attach utmost importance to the quality of our software and our infrastructure. We accept no liability for network failures and other infrastructural problems. If problems arise against all expectations, please call our service number under 02131 - 405 11 40 (local rate for German landline)
or send an e-mail to: kultohr@mobilediscovery.de

Realization of application:

mobile-discovery GmbH
Koenigstrasse 32-34
D-41460 Neuss
Phone.: +49(0)21 31 / 409 568
Fax: +49(0)21 31 / 409 572
E-mail: office@mobile-discovery.de
Managing Director: Marcus Gerresheim
Amtsgericht Neuss [Local Court Neuss], HR B 14 22 3
Tax ID-No.: 11 125/5712/3158

This page keeps access statistics to improve user management. Data are not stored person-specifically. For map view, the application asks for current GPS coordinates. They are only used to determine the current position and are not stored on the servers. If a user does not want this function, it may be deactivated in the user's browser. The application continues to work; however, not in its full scope of functions.

All map (data) on these pages are taken from the OpenStreetMap project and are under the license of Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike-License 2.0.

Icons for the profiles are from the following source: